Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Talk: How to strengthen the Frankfurt Region as a Startup Hub

The performance of new ventures is strongly impacted by something much larger than the business itself: the surrounding ecosystem. The conversation about how to effectively encourage an ecosystem of entrepreneurship continues to thrive. You are invited to join the discussion!


  • Guidelines for Local and State Governments to Promote Entrepreneurship, Yasuyuki Motoyama, Kauffman Foundation
  • The Development of the Frankfurt Region as an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: chances and challenges for startups between the towers, Thomas Funke and Matthias Wallisch
  • Entrepreneurship-Experiences in Frankfurt: a startup perspective*

*line up:

Andreas Gahlert - www.cobi.bike
Attila Schunke - www.meinunternehmensfilm.de
Gerald Heydenreich - www.pippajean.com
Ban Lang - mapme.com

Get together with drinks and snacks: 6:30 pm

Master of ceremonies: Sebastian Schäfer, Managing Director of the Goethe University Business Incubator (Unibator).

The event is open to the public, with advance registration requested. Please register until July 20th on www.rkw.link/ecosystem